Aides & Abettors

Dear Willow Lawn Resident,

            There has been a team of volunteers assembled to lend a helping hand as needed in our Willow Lawn Community.  We are here to assist and aid you with day to day needs that you may have from time to time and are unable to do yourself.

We are willing to assist you with the following:

            Change light bulbs and furnace filters

            Care for animals

            Errands (pickup “prepaid” prescriptions, grocery store orders, etc)

            Non-Emergency Transportation (Doctor visits, beauty salon, etc)

            Be a sitter for someone if the caregiver needs to be elsewhere (2-4 hours)

            Watchful eyes on home and mail checks when you are away for a few days

            Wellness check as requested by a loved one or resident

            Assistance with technical-related problems (WiFi, laptop, printer, TV)  [1]

            Jump start resident’s vehicle with battery trouble  [2]


Below are the volunteer names and contact information:

Tom Beatley [2]                     540-431-0521                       1863 Melvor Lane

Judy Creger                          302-670-0220                       1844 Melvor Lane

Carol Delauter                       540-667-1699                       930 Barksdale Lane

Terry Kellas                           540-667-0299                       1823 Tilghman Lane

David Newman [1] [2]           540-227-4669                       1875 Melvor Lane

Bill Sanderson [2]                 703-371-3591                       1805 Rosser Lane

Mary Dell Sigler                    804-761-7348                       1815 Kershaw Lane

Julie Stump                           540-550-4439                       1863 Melvor Lane


* For help with smoke detectors, call Shawnee Vol. Fire Dept. at 540-662-0855

Additional volunteers are always welcome. Please contact David Newman, 540-227-4669, for more information.

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